At Purva Computers we are capable of offering our clients full fledged Design and Development. We do full life cycle support when a we take on a project. We handle design , development , deployment and maintenance for you, so you can concentrate on the business part. Think of us as taking role of the Technical Partner.

  1. Website design and development: Whether you want more followers, be it you want more visitors or customers to reach you, the core lies in the aesthetics and access to your website. We understand what it takes to grab more attention to websites you own and how to get going with popularity via websites. To cater to your website needs, you know where to reach.


  1. Mobile website development: You own a desktop website and your customers are becoming all smart phone users. Your webpage appears all blurred, complicated, small and least easy to access. What you lose? Interest and access of millions of customers. We bring the small, simple yet smart version of the website on mobile phones and you lose nothing, but gain more customers liking and revisiting your site every time.


  1. Android application development: Be it your ingenuity, dreams, creative troubleshoot ideas or just a need to solve your daily problems by just one touch. We convert your proposals, business logistics and ideas to reality and make it reach millions of people via Android Apps. With the skills of best creativity, interactive modules and easy go solutions, our android applications solve your problem in a snap.


  1. IOS application development: Not an android lover? No issues. We also deal with IOS and bring out artistic and creative IOS apps for you.


  1. Payment Gateway Integration: PurvaComputers uses a payment gateway to accept credit card payments. A payment gateway is a software application hosted remotely so as to enable merchants and ecommerce veterans to accept credit card and electronic check payments directly from their website. The payment information submitted on the site is captured and transaction data is transmitted in a secured way to genuine, accredited financial institution to process and deposit funds into your merchant account. The funds are then deposited into your bank account. Some payment gateways also include a virtual terminal, which allows merchants to use an optional way of receiving online payments. Using the payment gateway virtual terminal, the merchant can key in transaction data.


  1. Java Application Development: To cater to your requirements, we also specialize in Java applications. We create dynamic, data-driven web applications by integrating key components of Java EE, generate dynamic web pages with Java Server Pages (JSP), personalize content for users with cookies and sessions using the Java Servlet API an integrate JSP custom tags to minimize scriptlet code.


  1. Database Recovery: Lost your important data from your device? No worries. We reconstruct your database and offer multiple data recovery service options for database recovery of the following database server platforms:
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Database
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Database
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro DBF Database
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL Database
  • FileMaker Database
  • IBM Lotus Notes Database
  • Microsoft BizTalk Database


  1. S.E.O: It is often referred to as a business strategy to promote ones website in organic search engines. And in the contemporary world, indeed it acts as the most optimized, effective, smart and economical way to ensure efficient marketing. However, in order to do the promotion efficiently, considerable time is required. Our search engine team helps attain your objective in the most efficient yet considerably faster ways for propagation with unique search optimization algorithms. They ensure your website has a healthy ranking for very popular keywords, optimize the website contents so as to leverage your ranking and visibility in search engine results thereby enhancing the search engine friendliness of your website.


  1. Software Development: Gone are the days when the clients were mute spectators of products developed and thereby, products lacked lustre and creativity. They were not upto mark of customers’ earnest desires and requirements. Our team of technologists, engineers and project managers expertise in the optimization of customer experience by understanding their requirements in the most lively manner. The team develops softwares for customers in the most innovative, interactive and with ingenuity with consistent customer involvement during various product life cycle phases. We believe in agile methodologies and practice its principles for developing softwares for our valuable customers so as to make their experience most unforgettable and pleasant one.


  1. Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS): Tired and exhausted of searching tools, platforms and softwares for your needs? You are on the go and realize you have some pending document you need to complete before you arrive at your meeting? You need a one-stop storehouse of all possible and popular components, tools and techniques to meet your project requirements? Well, you have just come to the right place. We, PurvaComputers, are the first of our kind to provide you with plethora of services, infrastructure and platform for your immediate requirements with considerable payment and various affordable and lucrative schemes. We not just provide you service for your big machines but also lightweight mobile computing services. Be it system images, softwares for design and presentation, network connectivity, data storage or tools of programming, name it! and we have it for you!


To know the small idea about our prices, you can go through the below mentioned link:

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